Who we are

Hi, I’m Dr. Guillermo Reynoso Palomar

 I have been fortunate to live in Germany, England, Malta, Portugal, and North America and have close contact with Latin America and Spain with my family.

Our family business is a Consulting company based in Germany and Portugal, has been founded since 1994. 

My career began when I was a Firefighter, and at the same time, I was studying High School.

Because an unfortunate event I had to left my medical studies unfinished and must go to work in a private company, there is always something good in the bad. So I started my career in the chemical company BASF and five years after the Chemical company BAYER hire me in the same areas. Finally, together with my wife, I founded a Bussiness Consulting company in 1994 and is now known as RVSL Aachen UG.
During that time, I finished some studies, obtained a PhD in Chemistry, and studied Psychology in England and Psychotherapy in Germany. I have specialised in Psychogenealogy.

I am a member of the American Psychological Association, the European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment, the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and the International Psychohistorical Association.

I live between Germany and beautiful Portugal.

I speak German, English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Co-Owner/Founder, Coach

Hello, I am Maria Teresa Patricia ( Marianne ) Marquez de Reynoso. I am the co-founder of RVSL Aachen UG. In England, I studied Alternative Psychology, which I practised in Germany as a Psychological Consultant ( Psychologische Beraterin). 
Today I have complimented the coaching techniques with a technique in which, based on the influence of the client’s ancestors and consulting with the application of colours and numbers to achieve relaxed concentration and better define their resources. I also do past life studies as a separate service.


Animal Behaviourist, Felinologist.

Hi, I’m Maria Fernanda Reynoso,

Our pets also need to develop their minds, improve their behaviour and maintain their mental health, convinced of this I studied at Oxford College the speciality of Felinology, which is the study of cats (Felines) of all sizes.

I provide therapy and training to improve or correct behavioural deviations, develop tasks with training, achieve adaptation to new environments, and consult for advice on genetics and nutrition.


I also studied veterinary sciences in Edinburgh, Scotland and Psychology in England.

I am a member of the –Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour-, ASAB.