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As a mental health professional, I have often experimented in formal and informal meetings, especially in the latter, the following questions, among others, when my interlocutors find out that among my specialities is Psychogenealogy and transgenerational analysis.

I must clarify that the first reaction when they hear that I am dedicated to mental health is one of caution since usually, people think that I am analysing them and some believe that I am diagnosing them automatically; the truth is when I leave the consultation, I leave the professional of mental health in my practice curiously to take care of my mental health.

By the way, my query is under Coaching techniques; that is, I am more of a consultant than a healer.

From what I have written before now, I present the question and its 11 answers:

When should I consult a specialist in psychogenealogy and Transgenerational Analysis?

1.- In those moments, when we perceive that, some things do not allow us to obtain better financial results in our life

2.- When we realise that putting all our effort in some goal but the fruit of this effort is not what we expected.

3.- When our relationships frequently end with the same unwanted effect.

4.- When we have the family tree or family history identified, we don’t know how to get the best out.

5.- When we want to meet a new partner, we want to change those decisions that have led us to fail.

6.- When we want to leave a legacy that allows our children and descendants to obtain from life, triumph, economic health, success, recognition, mental health, in short, we want to leave them a balanced, robust and resilient life and focused on success.

7.- When we invariably «stumble over the same stone» in our development.

8.- When we want to change attitudes that damage our path to success.

9.- When we suspect that others sabotage us or we sabotage ourselves.

10.- When we want to change our reality and embark on a path to success.

11.- When our attitudes harm others, and we want to avoid it.

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