Life Coacg & Psychogenealogy in Germany & Portugal

What is my style?

Carl Rogers (psychologist, 1902-1987) believed that each person could achieve their goals and desires in life.

In accordance with the main assumptions of Abraham Maslow, Rogers (1959) added that for a person to “grow”, they need an environment that provides them with authenticity (openness and self-disclosure), acceptance (being seen with unconditional positive respect), and empathy (being heard and understood).

What is my style?
Simple to explain, I am convinced that the client is the one who knows inside what affects him and what helps him only then it is necessary to put it in context and the light of reason.

Therefore we focus on the Coaching or advisory system, and by following the steps that

I summarize below, we are exposing and recognizing the resources that you can use and those that you should avoid achieving a mental state appropriate to your concerns, desires and goals.

In the first session, which is usually free, I explain to the client that it is my coaching system based on Psychogenealogy, I present myself professionally and my expertise and listen to their concerns, goals and desires.

If we both agree I proceed to prepare a coaching plan which

I will present to you in the next session to develop it together, in general,

I follow these steps:
– Elaboration of the genealogy up to the fourth generation.
– Elaboration of the genogram
– Transgenerational analysis
– Identification of your resources – positive and negative-
– Action plan for the future.

The sessions are developed without judging, without imposing theories, procedures or the like. They are positive and cordial conversation and exercises.

Coach is a creative partnership that seeks to:

– Identify, clarify, and create a vision of what the client wants.

– Modify the objectives as necessary.

– Promote self-discovery and customer growth.

– Nurture and evoke strategies and an action plan based on what best suits the client’s goals, personality and vision.

– Promote customer responsibility to increase productivity.

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