Life Coaching

What is life coaching?
When using the term life coaching, it is necessary to define it as the activity whose main objective is to help people achieve their goals in their personal or business life, guiding them in the right direction, the methods used by individual life coaches they vary in the specific and according to the profession and specialty of the Coach.

We can say that life coaching is advice based on the Client’s resources through a series of individual sessions that can be carried out even by remote means and even by email, although the preferred method is that of face-to-face sessions, especially First of them to define the resources, generate the communication of trust Coach – Client, define sessions, duration, follow-up, theme and similar matters.

While life coaching is associated with the business world, there are also coaches who deal with particular aspects and experiences of the client helping to explore the underlying causes of their problems and providing support and guidance to find routes to success. This type of more personal life coaching is often done face-to-face.

The goal of life coaching is to help people break their negative belief patterns, act more decisively, and set clear goals to achieve what they want out of life. Most coaches are trained as generalists, but many also specialize in areas such as relationships, stress, personal growth, business, careers, motivation, finance, creativity, and family, among many others.

Executive Coaching

What is Excutive Coaching?

It is a personalized and personalized interaction between Coach and Coachee, specifically designed to achieve the objectives of the coachee that participates in the process. As it is a tailored intervention, the experience of each coachee will be different.

It will help you define a powerful vision for yourself and give you the motivation to push it forward, setting better goals, reaching them on time, making better informed based decisions and improving the effectiveness of your overall relationships within the workplace and beyond.

What will help you achieve Executive Coaching?
Any core leadership skills area you want to improve
Specific organizational strategic objectives for which your organization is working
Influence or communication skills
Gravitas and executive presence
Stakeholder management
Mindset (make tough, non-sentimental decisions)
Technical ability
Political Nous (knowing when to say what with whom and when not)
Time management and procrastination
Driving a team to deliver
Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
Increased motivation
Career development

Stress Management Consultant & Coach

Stress can impact us in many ways, emotionally, mentally, and physically. High-performing people often have trouble sleeping, high blood pressure, or are easily distracted. You may feel tired, depressed, and not like the energetic and ambitious person you used to be. Failure to address stressors over time can lead to exhaustion and even health consequences. If you feel overwhelmed and under great pressure, a stress management consultant can help you regain control, offering you personalized support and advice to manage your triggers and control how you react to stress.

Stress management training can help you identify and address the major sources of stress in your personal or professional life as well as equip you with tips and strategies to turn off those stressors.

I can’t promise that you will live a completely stress-free life, but through stress training, I can promise to help you:

Better understand what is causing you stress, digging up and addressing root causes, not just symptoms
Make and implement decisions or action plans that will eliminate or reduce the impact of stressors on your life.
Learn techniques to control and reduce stress in the long term and “at the moment” to improve your performance in times of high pressure.
Develop strategies to relax, set limits, and allow yourself to enjoy more
Make changes to useless habits, behaviors, thought patterns, or beliefs that are responsible for relieving your stress.
Build resilience, self-confidence, and strategies for coping with stressful situations more easily, so you can stay in control and better manage your response

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