Interviewing Marianne

Interviewing Marianne

We are going to interview Professor Maria Teresa Patricia Marquez Lozano (Marianne) to explain a little about the application of the system she is developing for the application of numbers and colours in the interviews she conducts.

In the coaching sessions you use numbers and colors, could you explain what is the function and how does the above help your client?

The numbers are a permanent presence in our mind and our life, unconsciously we follow our actions in numbered sequences, so what I do is that the client allows her mind to be concentrated in moments of resistance or restlessness in the sessions and thus allows the narrative. continue focused on solutions that the client develops during them.


So this is not a general formula but you adapt it to each individual and each situation present in the sessions, is that so?

First, it is important to mention that in the first or second session, which by the way are without cost, I study the effect that some number sequences have on concentration, abstraction and hence the client’s narrative. If I try to appear like this, when I ask the client at certain moments of the session to give me a numerical sequence that simply comes out just like that, and when I answer with another sequence, I can realize how this helps the smoothness of the session. . Normally I intervene to link this numbering when there is tension or when the narrative is a little frayed or confused and so it is rerouted. Again, this is personal, there is no manual or instructions as it must be felt in both vocal and body language if the effect is following the appropriate result, that is, reassuring, focusing, abstracting and giving strength to the client.

The application of figures and colours that I ask the client to imagine also serves as the above and supplements it, there are colours that give us peace of mind. By the way we must remember that colours have nuances and these are what I also ask you to see in your mind. I send these colours and geometric shapes to the patient to reinforce the sessions and keep him focused on the solution. As an example, giving numbers that the client must repeat when starting an episode of anxiety or asking them to see the screen or both allows them to remember the objective and the solution and control this onset of anxiety and relax. The numbers and colours allow the client to focus during the sessions and thus she will discover the solution to her problem herself.
This is to arrive at that the solution is in the same client so paraphrasing Carl Rogers “the solution is in the client”

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