Single 60 minutes consultation

Every single consultation of 60 minutes
90 €

Free First Consultation

60 minute session in which we will get to know each other, we will also do an anamnesis and you will describe your goals and objectives of Coaching. If we both agree that we are the Coach you are looking for, we will develop the Coaching plan to apply.

Price: Free

Five sessions

Five sessions of 60 Minutes each one. 1 session per week

80 €/week = 400 €

Lationamerica e Hispanohablantes expatriados

5 Sesiones de 60 minutos,  25 Euros C/u = 125 Euros

Twelve Sessions

Twelve Sessions of 60 minutes each one, One session per week
€70/week = 840 €

Four sessions of Felinology and Animal Behaviour

Four sessions of 75 Minutes each one of Felinology and Animal Behaviour

40 € / session = 160 €

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