Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash   Psychogenealogy, Tips to begin with. In the below link of the IAGS webpage you can find the post I wrote with the idea to motivate to find in your ancestors some answers to your own behavior.   How should I start a psychogenealogical study on my own?   Psychogenealogy …

My new book

Can I modify my reality?

Is reality the same for everyone? Or is it different and individual? It can be modified and molded in such a way that it fits what I want to live? In this work, the reality is described as well as a series of concepts, steps, and advice that will lead you to modify your own observed reality and to make a plan that allows you to modify it towards the goals you want to create your new reality.This work does not speak only of motivation and magic formulas are not mentioned but based on scientific evidence and concepts focused on its own resources so that you can carry out as far as you want the reality that you now observe, These changes will allow you to successfully complete the plan that you started with the identification of your reality. With the development of perseverance, discipline as well as based on the development of a strong, resilient, focused, and healthy mind, the modification to reality can be done. The book does not refer to magical or superhuman situations but seeks to motivate you to identify, use, and develop the resources that each of us carries within and those that we can acquire and develop.

I find it harder to concentrate on.

I find it harder to concentrate on. Tips to resolved it. Be concentrated sometimes cost us an extra effort to make our daily activities, in these cases we often jumped from one activity to another without order and much less under an idea of priorities. We can define the concentration the mental effort to carry out an activity at …

Interviewing Marianne

We are going to interview Professor Maria Teresa Patricia Marquez Lozano (Marianne) to explain a little about the application of the system she is developing for the application of numbers and colours in the interviews she conducts. Admin: In the coaching sessions you use numbers and colors, could you explain what is the function and …

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