Psychology and Genealogy -Psychogenealogy-. We all know what these are but what does it mean when you put these two seemingly unrelated topics together into a whole new concept?

Psychogenealogy is a technique that allows us to discover the invisible loyalties that are interfering with our goals and dreams. Because the loyalties are in the unconscious, the person does not know that blocks and challenges also come from their family tree.

When we add psychological and emotional aspects to the family tree, the invisible loyalties begin to surface into the conscious mind to be healed. It is a fascinating journey! We are born into a family with connections to our ancestors that are invisible. According to Jung, these connections are in the unconscious mind. In Psychogenealogy, we call these unconscious connections invisible loyalties. They can be positive and bring us blessings and resources that enhance our lives like humor, creativity and enthusiasm. They can also bring unresolved issues like sadness, relationship problems or debts.”


The concept was founded by Professor Carl Jung (Austria/Switzerland) who was the first person to recognize connections between the person and their ancestors beyond the typical family tree with names and dates in their genealogy.


Around 1960 Moreno (Austria) established the postulate of familial CO-CONSCIOUS and the CO-UNCONSCIOUS familial group, he was the first to insist on the complexity of family ties.


During the same period, Françoise Dolto & N. Abraham and their students established the complex problem of trans-generational transmission, non resolved conflicts, (hate, vengeance vendettas, feuds), of secrets, silenced words, premature deaths, and the choice of profession.


In 1967 Murray Bowen (USA) talked about the “Genogramme” in family therapy.

In 1978 Henri Collomb (France) presented the technique of the “Genosociogramme” in Nice that he had developed in Senegal in his work on the African Psycho Pathology.


Dr. Anne Shutzenberger (France) continued to teach and develop the “Genosociogramme” mainly to help cancer patients discover, through working on their family tree, the roots of the cancer that had invested them.


“If we heal an individual without considering the whole family, we will not accomplish much in therapy, which will often only be a temporary improvement…


The development of a person, his/her health, illness, and remission depend upon the way their family, or society consider them. The family’s balance is also important for the development of the individuals, their health, their illness, and their relapse.”

By studying your ancestry you can free yourself from inherited patterns that are of no use to you.

Finally and according to Dr Carl R Rogers

“The strange paradox is that if I accept myself for who I am, then I have the opportunity to change.”


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